Owners' Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find full information about your support?

Please see detailed information about Villa/Owner Support (Villa Marketing, Promotion, Management, Technology, Decoration) HERE

How does Quality Brand Villas ensure maximum occupancy?

The company’s high occupancy levels are a result of our excellent platform, the work we do to position our website on search engines and social networks, and thanks to the thousands of guests who have received impeccable service and attention and trusted their vacations to our mother company Luxury Resorts Ltd since 2009.
We also have a special relationship with the best and most prestigious agencies in the sector who send their clients to Quality Brand Villas, not forgetting the tireless work of our multilingual booking team, available for between 18 and 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How much are my Villa rates?

We currently have in the area, other comparable Villas, and the current vacation rental environment in the area.
We will also make recommendations for increasing the value of your investment in order to maximize your return.
We will give you a suggested range based on our findings.
It is important to remember that, ultimately, it is the market that will dictate what the Villa will rent for.

What if I am not satisfied with the occupancy rates?

That is highly unlikely!
The prices we set are established according to precise parameters that determine a rating (like the star rating for a hotel), helped by tables of statistics dating back to 2009 which help us to eliminate possible risk and achieve a high degree of reliability.
In the event that your villa has a lower than predicted occupation rate, our team will create an active campaign for your property in order to systematically increase occupation levels as soon as possible.

Can Quality Brand Villas guarantee my income?

If you require total security with regards to your villa’s profitability and/or a specific level of income, we can investigate the possibility of offering a guaranteed rate, with specific payments and even advance payments.
The rental rates will be slightly lower than those we can offer to clients with an open rate. 100% of the most profitable rental with incomes higher than forecast are for properties with an open rate and the estimated fees reflect this.

When and how will I be paid?

All payments to owners are made by bank transfer.
Payments relating to bookings for your property are paid under the agreed terms, either monthly, quarterly, or upon guest check-in.

Do I need a bank account?

Bank transfers can be made to accounts in any country, meaning it is not necessary to open a national bank account.
However, we recommend opening a national bank account for villa maintenance as this will reduce management costs for both your income and outgoings relating to your villa.

How can Quality Brand Villas help me generate more income?

We understand that each owner is a MEMBER of Quality Brand Villas and as such is entitled to guaranteed maximum profits, the best-personalized service, and of course all the benefits that Quality Brand Villas provides to maximize profits for its MEMBER-OWNERS, but also the possibility to SAVE and all within in the context of a SECURE long-term INVESTMENT.
Due to a large number of owners/members who have placed their trust in our strategy, Quality Brand Villas offers the possibility of providing your villa with a wide range of resources, services, and highly qualified specialists and in turn, achieves the most competitive prices.
This is a determining factor in our success.
To achieve this, we provide you with special services and interventions from the very first day.

What services does Quality Brand Villas provides to its Members/Owners?

a)    Detailed valuation report on the property to determine and improve its rating.
b)    Personalised tax study, completely free of charge.
c)    From the third rental year, depending on the time the property has been rented, Quality Brand Villas offers free pool maintenance.
d)    Specialist insurance to cover all types of risk at a very competitive price.
e)    Professional maintenance and repairs at a very low price.
f)    Ongoing monitoring and maintenance of your property.
g)    Incident reports and interventions with photographic details, at no extra cost.
h)    A constantly updated and improved technological system to provide reassurance and monitoring of your property at all times.
i)    A database of former guests who may be interested in buying your property.
j)    A highly competent team, bringing together experience, dynamism, and high ethical and moral standards, offering reliability, honesty, and frankness.

What guarantee can Quality Brand Villas give me of achieving high occupancy rates and profits when renting my property?

If I decide to sell my property, can Quality Brand Villas help me?

Can I block out specific weeks during the year for my own personal use of the property?

Can I reach you after hours?

Our team is constantly “connected” to our office.
We offer a 24-hour emergency line, as well as email and phone contacts.